MGA elevator services its customers with quality products and service including:

  • Maintenance Control Program (MCP)
    as per Section 8.6 of the Elevator and Escalator Safety Code
  • Service During Outages
  • Elevator Alterations
  • Code Violation Corrections
  • ADA Compliance, Checks, and Upgrades
  • Fire Service Checks
  • Modernization Of All Types, including: Elevator Motion Control System
  • Installation, Repairs and Replacement of Components:
    Suspension Systems and Ropes, Rope Gripper, Hydraulic Components, Hydraulic Elevator Plunger Gripper, Safety Devices, Car Door Opener and Safety Edge, Door Clutch and interlocks, Door Restrictor, Motor Brake, Retiring Cams, Fixtures, Traveller Cables, Buffers, Limit Switches plus other.
  • Periodic Inspections and Annual Safety Tests
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Certified QEI (Quality Elevator Inspector) on staff.


Minimize your liability with consistent maintenance

Regular on-site preventive maintenance has several benefits:

  • It extends the service life of the elevator by replacing and repairing parts before they cause additional wear on other parts.
  • It provides a higher level of reliability addressing issues before they result in shutdowns.

We ensure quality and timely service no matter the make, model, or age of your equipment.

We do not skip maintenance visits.


Contact us to set up a no obligation and free survey of your elevator equipment.

All work is guaranteed to be as specified in the contract.  All work is performed in accordance with the drawings and specifications submitted for the above work and is completed in a substantial workmanlike manner.

Flexible maintenance programs

  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually